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Allison Shultz

Associate Curator

Dr. Shultz has loved animals her whole life, and fell in love with birds during her undergraduate at UC Berkeley. She is a native Southern Californian, and loves the diversity of habitats (and birds!) available in a very small geographic area! She credits her artistic eye for first drawing her to studying bird coloration, but now that is one of her main fascinations.

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Young Ha Suh

Collections Manager

Young Ha is the collections manager for the Ornithology collection at the Natural History Museum. She became interested in Ornithology during her time at UC Davis and went on to get her PhD at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology where she gained an appreciation for natural history collections.   


Jessie Salter

Postdoctoral Fellow

Jessie studies the phylogenetics and evolution of birds, especially Bobwhite Quail. She is working with Dr. Shultz and Dr. Kayce Bell for her postdoc, asking questions about the evolution of bobwhite feather patterns and microstructure, and the morphology and evolutionary history of their feather lice.



Jackie Childers

Postdoctoral Fellow

Jackie's research spans phylogenetics and taxonomy to broad-scale evolutionary patterns of phenotypic diversification. Her work primarily centers on the African continent, with her most recent NSF-funded project focusing on the evolution of coloration in weaver birds. This project is being conducted jointly with Dr. Linnea Hall of the Western Foundation of Vertebrate Zoology.



Maeve Secor

Graduate Student

Maeve is a PhD student co-advised by Dr. Shultz at the museum and Dr. Matthew Dean at the University of Southern California. She is interested in avian evolution, linking phenotype to genotype, and anthropogenic driven mutations.



Rosalyn Price-Waldman

Graduate Student

Rosalyn is a PhD student in Cassie Stoddard's lab, but is a close collaborator with Dr. Shultz. Together, they are working on the mechanisms underlying brilliant bird colors, especially in the Tangara tanagers. 




Interested in appearing here? Please contact me if you are interested in being a postdoctoral associate, co-advised graduate student, or undergraduate working on an independent project.



Jacqueline Dall


Jackie is an undergraduate student at Occidental College currently working as an intern. She is studying the evolution of pigments and feather structure in tanagers.

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